The Story of Curva Minore is a celebration of Curva Minore, the vision and legacy of Palermitan double bass player Lelio Giannetto (1961-2020), and how it continues to thrive through his irrepressible vision and energy. The documentary, presently in process, will be a collection of interviews and visuals that express the deep influence this 25-year-old presenting organization, and Lelio, continue to have in Sicily and worldwide.

“The association was founded with the intention of contributing to the dissemination of that innovative but still not widespread art that is contemporary music, with particular reference to the relationship between the expressions deriving from academic institutional paths and those coming from parallel paths of non-academic derivation, but which constitute an indispensable parallel fabric to keep the contemporary scene alive and to represent a more correct completeness of investigation.” – Curva Minore

Clips of Curva Minore’s past presentations