Murals Of Nani Chacon is a documentary-in-progress of this prolific artist’s large scale works throughout the US, including footage that ACVilla has taken over the last nine years of murals dating back to 2012 as well as archived media, explanations and stories in the artist’s own voice from interviews with ACVilla. Musician/composer Thollem will be creating an original score for the film. Murals Of Nani Chacon will also include interviews with organizations made up of people who are dedicated to connecting their communities with artists.

With a deep respect for the muralist, and for organizations who support public art and artists, ACVilla focuses the public’s eye on murals as a whole and also on the artist’s strokes that are painted onto surfaces in myriad situations: surroundings, weather, textures, time, and immediacy, among others.

Nanibah “Nani” Chacon is a Diné (Navajo) and Chicana artist, most recognized as a painter and muralist. Chacon was born in Gallup, New Mexico and raised on the Navajo reservation and in New Mexico. Chacon’s most notable works have been within the public arts sector, in which she has a cumulative experience of over twenty years. Chacon’s public works facilitate social engagement and community-based integration, elevating her personal philosophy that art should be accessible and a meaningful catalyst for social change. Bio

ACVilla is a visual artist (video) and videographer based in New Mexico. Her practice is a developing distillation of her past and present lives: the eighth child of a bi-racial couple, a former bilingual teacher and a perpetually touring artist. She focuses her camera on the subtleties of interpersonal dynamics and the power that context plays in constantly redefining what people believe they already know. She is known for contextualizations, a practice of projecting the outside world in, as well as her ongoing documentation of murals. Bio

Thollem is a pianist, keyboardist, composer, improviser, singer-songwriter, activist, author and teacher. He has toured throughout North America and Europe as an itinerant artist for two decades, performing, teaching and collaborating in myriad situations across the idiomatic spectrum. His lifelong interest has been to work with people from all walks of life, bringing artists and communities together in ways that might create something uniquely valuable to everyone involved. Bio

If you would like to support this film, you will be contributing to the inevitably unforeseen costs of this project.* Please contact angela to discuss the variety of ways, financial and in-kind, your generosity can be realized.

A growing list of NANI CHACON’s public large scale works

“PAHTIA” at The National Hispanic Cultural Center, Albuquerque, NM

“Landmarks for Finding Origins and New Beginnings:
Blue Bird (Chinle, AZ); Yellow Bird (Mora, NM) Red Bird (Abq., NM)”
“What Grows? (Prelude After The Fire)” in Queens, NY
“Visions” in Rochester, NY
“Giving Land Back” in Orlando, FL*

“Menville” at Idyllwild Arts, Cahuilla Lands in CA
“After the Winter” at Mountain Center in Santa Fe, NM
Kestrel in Santa Fe, NM
“End Police Murder” at the Center for Peace and Justice in Abq., NM
“You Can’t Take It With You So Give It All Away” in Santa Fe, NM*

“Connected Pathways” in Tulsa, OK

“Congruent” on Ithaca College Campus in NY
“Portals to Memory” in El Segundo, CA*

“First Foods” in Battle Creek, MI
Three Sisters Kitchen in Abq., NM
“Resistencia United” (collaborative) in Sacramento, CA 
“Maawed Millim” in Lansing, MI
“Look toward ‘The North Star’” in Rochester, NY*

ABQ Sunport “Route 66 Love” in Abq., NM 
“¡Resiste!” in Los Angeles, CA*
“We’ve Always Found Our Way Home” in Kingston, NY*
“Through The River It Flows” in Española, NM*

“Homage to Chei Frank Dinèvazhe Sr.” in Chinle, AZ
“Agua Es Vida” at El Paso Museum of Art in El Paso, TX
Community Outreach Patient Empowerment (COPE) in Gallup, NM*

“On Both Sides of the Border…Women are Still Being Murdered” (2015-17) at Loisaida Center in NYC, NY
“Migrations” in Izhevsk, Russia
“Resilience” in Albuquerque, NM*
“Homage to Doña Maclovia Zamora” in Abq., NM*

“Protect Mount Taylor” in Abq., NM*
“Manifestations of Glittering World” in Santa Fe, NM*

“She Taught Us to Weave / Manifestations of Spider Woman” in Albuquerque (Abq), NM*

*documented by ACVilla from 2014-2022