From Thollem and ACVilla:
As artists we earn our living on the road, performing throughout N. America and Europe year-round. For 15 years, we have not had a home base nor are we in one place for very long. It is because of this lifestyle that we have been able to gather a breadth of experiences, photos, videos, discussions and writings that have inspired these documentaries.

Every membership or one time donation is pivotal to seeing these two projects to the finish line: Artists Engaged, a 10 part series, and the film, Murals Of Nani Chacon. With a one time suggested donation of $20 (pay what you can), or by becoming a monthly member, you will be funding both Thollem/ACVilla’s work and also the post-production crew involved.

Artists Engaged will be shared with everyone via the World Wide Web beginning the end of August, 2024.

Murals of Nani Chacon will be presented in venues traditional and non-traditional, free or with the option of making a small donation to the non-profits and organizations who host the film. As with all Artists Engaged public screenings, the artists can be available to participate in Q&A discussions, either in person or streamed. Viewings will start in January, 2025, in the artists’ home state of New Mexico (in Española), then screened nationally and internationally. While this project is supported by the 2024 Fulcrum Fund, the total funding needed to complete the film has yet to be reached. Additional support by individuals is greatly appreciated.